EDA Annual Convention 2020

The European Demolition Association, EDA, has been the demolition platform for national...

EDA recommends- safety first

The European Demolition Association has issued a statement on the current situation during the...

President of EDA about SDA in the PDI magazine

The European Demolition Association's annual conference will be held in Belgrade from 4-6. June...

EDA 2020 Annual Convention in Belgrade

Belgrade will be a host to EDA (European Demolition Association) Annual Convention 2020. For more...


Demolition of buildings is an engineering job. It is very important to choose the right way, technology and procedure. Especially in urban areas, due to dangerous materials, noise, dust and, of course, safety in the work of both the contractor and the surrounding population.


Decontamination is the process by which contaminated materials are treated with certain chemical and other processes by scientific methods applicable in industry, resulting in a healthy and quality material suitable for further use with an attestation that confirms its non-toxicity.


Recycling is a process where we acquire materials that can be re-applied through other technological processes by which we obtain raw materials for new products needed in the construction industry.