Our goals

Adapting the laws of the Republic of Serbia to European laws.

Standardization of products obtained by demolition and recycling.

Training of civil servants, individuals and businesses dealing with this kind of business.

Merging economic factors that deal with the production and generation of waste.

Initiating the cooperation of education, science and economy in the Republic of Serbia.

Organizing the „Day of Demolition“ in Schools in order to raise ecological and practical awareness in the younger generations.

Cessation of the creation of wild dumps and participation in the pre-existing landfill project.

Replacing the contaminated soils with various toxic substances with good quality soil and remediation of such surfaces.

Dejan Bojović


Viktor Kobjerski

Vice President

prof.dr. Miodrag Zečević

Assembly President

Board of directors

prof. dr. Ivica Ristović

Marko Milačić

Milence Srećković

Miroslav Čantrak

dr Milica Marčeta Kaninski

Branko Knežević

Radomir Sretenović P.E

Miroslav Krstić

Budimir Novaković

Neven Redžić

Sanja Spasojević

Srđan Pešić

Igor Horn

Sector managers

Veljko Janković

Vice President of the Assembly and Economy

doc. dr. Neda Nikolić


Ljiljana Novaković

Urbanism and architecture

dr Snežana Pašalić


Ljiljana Brajović

Legal jobs

Velimir-Veša Mihajlović


dr Ivan S. Ignjatović


Srećko Stefanović

Conservation and restauration

Honorary members

prof. dr. Branko Kovaćević


That Serbia recycles 70% of the rubble and construction waste,and that our companies can perform this type of work in Europe and the world. Raising Environmental Awareness to Citizens in the Republic of Serbia.


To approach the legal regulations and the quality of the industrial demolition of European standards and norms with the help of science and EDA.


Standardization of products and recycling.


Removal of wild dumps and participation in the preprocessing of existing landfils where waste is being covered with soil and rubble thereby increasing the energy efficiency of communal waste.



If you are interested in cooperation, send us a message with your ideas and problems. We will respond as soon as we can.