The Serbian Demolition association (SDA) is organizing the fourth international conference called “Habits-Practice-Rules”.

The conference will be held on November 29, 2022, at the Majestic Hotel in Belgrade, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We expect the presence of representatives of relevant ministries, the city of Belgrade, other local governments, the academic and scientific community, and contractors.

Colleagues from leading European countries in this field will also participate in the Conference. They will talk about key topics from this very important sector that is completely neglected in our country.
Colleagues from Sweden will talk about the digitalization of education, from the Netherlands about hazardous materials in construction, participants from Germany about examples of good practices in recycling demolition and construction waste, and our guests from Austria about the Austrian model of recycling.

Together with colleagues from Italy, SDA will hold a presentation on the conservation and revitalization of wild landfills in order to build solar power plants, which are a function of the development of renewable energy sources. We want to present that program to the wider community, especially local self-governments since it is a very important and current topic. It is a long-term project that requires appropriate technology and whose effects are multiple.

The importance of this Conference is great for science and the economy, for our country, which at such gatherings and events accelerates its way towards innovative technological solutions, new advanced ways of working and developing the use of its resources in this multidisciplinary field.

For more information, you can contact us by email: