After a two-year hiatus in organizing conferences, we finally managed to get together and have a great time. Like every conference we have organized so far, this one also had a topic which was about hazardous materials in construction.
The name of the conference was “HABITS-PRACTICE-RULES” to intrigue the public and decision-makers about the areas in which we work.
We would like to thank all conference participants, exhibitors, and visitors because the atmosphere was interactive, and everyone was extremely active.
The lectures presented examples from practice and education, and we think we made a nice step forward in understanding the new industry for which we stand.

All of this would not have happened without the activities of our members and the help of The Serbian Chamber of Engineers and the SanRock company, who selflessly supported the event we organized.
We would also like to thank the City of Belgrade, the Secretariat for Environmental Protection, who actively participated in the conference, answered all the questions raised, and thereby gave importance to the topic that was the guiding idea for the creation of the conference in this form and scope.

The experiences of our friends from abroad, which they passed on to us (Austria, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands), are very important, so that we don’t make the mistakes they made, but learn from their mistakes and make a good domestic model of work and resource management, which we create ourselves.
Representatives of domestic science and research presented an exceptional project on the decontamination of railway ties and thereby contributed to how important this new industry is in our area. The need for better projects within the energy efficiency of buildings was also shown, as hazardous materials would have to be removed, and materials that could be more easily recycled should be installed.

We would single out the works of our members related to the conservation, rehabilitation, and stabilization of wild and unsanitary landfills and their conversion into industrial space, such as solar power plants and space for obtaining hydrogen.
It was not possible without the circular economy in construction, and one such project came to life in the municipality of Čajetina.
For the first time, we had a citizen guest, Mrs. Nataša Kovačević, who gave an overture to the whole event, about the problems that citizens face with the presence of dangerous materials and construction work on buildings.

We, as organizers are extremely satisfied with the open questions, the solutions given, as well as the fact that we ceremoniously presented internationally recognized certificates to the companies that completed the asbestos training.
We have a lot of work ahead of us in order to fulfill the assigned tasks and present them at the next conference.